Engineer Guy

on November 24, 2015

Engineer Guy is a series of videos that efficiently explain how everyday objects are designed and function. Surprised I haven’t posted about it yet.

Abbreviated timeline

Firmament – The past

Confederate States of America – The past

Information Age – The present, also a running history of humanity

Gene drive – The future


on November 23, 2015

waifu2x can reduce noise in images and also upscale them. The algorithm it uses is intended for anime/cartoon styles, so that is what the end result will look a bit like, but it works quite well.

Mostly about us

, , , , on November 1, 2015

“Ethics” is advertising – the article leisurely goes through some good ideas. Here are some summed up thoughts: 1) Signaling; important for the survival of organisms is communication about the qualities of an individual organism to others; all of the characteristics and behaviors of organisms transmit this information through various symbols; humans are no exception and our idiosyncratic behaviors both knowingly and unknowingly share information about who we are. 2) Taking a view of common behaviors through the lens of signalling we can understand that religion is an efficient symbol of ethics, philosophy, and virtues. We can also see that the point of advertising is not to persuade you to buy an object, but convince you that an object is a symbol of a certain wealth, philosophy, and personality. 3) The symbolism of various objects, ideas, and behaviors as signals changes over time, with occasionally dramatic societal consequences. 4) What something means is more important than what it is.

Computer Show – computing from the 1980s, today

Look at Me – we all have stories

Katrina Refrigerators – a cool wiki article

Apollo Missions – engenders a feeling of propinquity

Big 5 personality test – if you want another

George Boole Google logo – hopefully google will continue to become more abstract

Tomasz Alen Kopera

on October 10, 2015

Tomasz Alen Kopera

Tomasz Alen Kopera is an illustrator. Dreaminess is another favorite of mine, reminds me of nebulae.

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