Working List

Telescopic Text - Looking for a browser/browser addon to this effect some day

Article on record-setting caving

Vemeer as artificer

Parallax view - imagine being able to take and then view 3D images like this by tilting your phone around. A commenter from hackernews points out that instead of guessing the parallax and faking the extra data required when converting flat images to 3D, this additional information can come from the slightly varied perspectives generated by your hand shaking as you take the photo.

Half-Life speed run

How do CAT scans work? - The slices are different than you’d think

Foldscope (1) (2) – Very cool


Giuseppe Cristiano

, on March 22, 2014


Giuseppe Cristiano illustration (contains nudity).

Analog Motion Graphics

on March 2, 2014

Shawn Knol  has some cool videos (in addition to the one above) and a flickr. He draws inspiration from Linden Gledhill.

This is a vimeo channel of other clever analog motion graphics videos, though it hasn’t been updated in a while.


, on February 27, 2014


Polkip draws intricate patterns.


, , on January 24, 2014


Frax is a beautiful, feature-filled app made by the people who were making fractal lab. You can watch their homepage tutorial video for the app in action and then look at their high quality render samples and user created gallery.

Similarly, here are some fractal flythroughs. I hope a versatile 3D fractal explorer is released some day, with virtual reality support.

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