Space Wonder

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Roger Dean creates wonderful science fiction scenery.

Recently read Against the Fall of Night by Arthur C Clarke, which is bursting with interesting ideas. Some more for thought:

Outer Space – I bet you can figure out with decent certainty your location across the entire universe just from sampling the nearest bit of space.

Heliosphere – Similar to the above; every drop of space from many AUs away to the nearest lake has a unique composition.

Deep Space Network – at the very least a catchy name

Voyager 1’s Family Portrait

New Horizons – Almost to Pluto!

Thermoelectric Effect – not directly related, but super cool

Caterpillars and Escalators

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Swarming caterpillars are fast!

What is a Fourier Transform?

, , on October 27, 2011

A mathematical method of converting a set of data (represented as any function) to the sum of its wave components.

Basically, this is a result of the idea that a function can be exactly recreated using only combinations of sin and cosin functions of various amplitude, phase, and frequency. The trick is that most transforms require a lot of computing to tease out every wave component.

Maxwell’s demon and the Nasal Cycle

, , on November 15, 2010

Maxwell’s demon and the Nasal Cycle, both things you should know, of course. Don’t mind the damn Jimbo!

Update: Oh, so there is some testing and rationale behind the Jimbo appeal.

White Hole

, , on October 16, 2010

Terrific model and easy visualization. The circular jump is a white hole (G. Jannes, R. Piquet, P. Maissa, C. Mathis, G. Rousseaux).

[via Wired Science]

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