on August 16, 2012

Will biologic overtake synthetic? The digital era may soon end. Maybe we were wrong to be so fearful of purely metallic overlords.

As an aside, there really isn’t a good vocabulary to compare the two. Biology will become synthesized, and both forms of information storage are technically digital. I suggest biologists and computer scientists start learning each other’s lexicon.

Don Pettit

, on June 26, 2012

Don Pettit is an astronaut who does cool stuff during his free time while in space, like writingexperimenting, introducing video games, and taking photographs. His wikipedia page has more useful information and links to check out if interested.

Bonus photo after the break.


Bel in druppel

Bel in druppel by André Kuipers.

Bonus: how to recreate this image using tools you can find at home.

Okay, new post about Don Pettit.

2011 Nikon Photo+Video-micrography

, on February 8, 2012

Galleries can be found here.

The above image is of cracked gallium arsenide solar cell films (50X) by Dennis Callahan. I’m kind of bummed the author of this post didn’t include an organic looking photo-lead-in, but hey, I’d still be excited to have any of these printed and affixed to walls, starting with doctor’s office waiting rooms. In fact, these nine squares would make a beautiful set.

As far as videos, the first and third are great.

Who are you?

, , on February 4, 2012

Brains are pattern recognition machines that output symbols. Consciousness is the brain symbolizing itself; a symbol for the ability to create symbols. Our sense of self is a convenient, easily produced, recursive manifestation that we employ to recognize patterns in our own behavior. This ability is apparently evolutionarily beneficial (speeding up learning and adaptation), not to mention cool (full disclosure: I may be biased).

The functioning of the symbol generator is not revealed by its constitutive components, but how they are put together (this is true of anything, because only change and interaction create meaning, their absolute subunits are arbitrary). Consciousness is an inevitable result of a sufficiently powerful symbol generator.

Perception is the intersection of senses. Consciousness is the ability to replay perceptions, and it emeges once enough sense domains converge.

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