Gone Home

, on August 19, 2013


I really enjoyed playing Gone Home. There are a multitude of subtle cues and silent mechanics which together create a wonderful marriage of game and story. One complaint is that the house is ugly.

After you play it, there is a lot of great stuff to read written about the game.

We Are Many

, , , , on February 5, 2013

Some videos of varying topics. In part because I’ve randomly come across good videos lately, partly because of finding vimeo staff picks (really cool stuff on there). Updated when you least expect it:

More Than Games

, , , on April 15, 2012

Taylor Clark profiles Jonathon Blow and the state of videogames only a little hyperbolically. The Witness is apparently about existential awareness of ourselves and the world around us— using Blow’s mind and reality as the medium.

Michael Abrash on working at Valve. Also, Handbook for New Employees.

Disasterpeace composed the soundtrack to Fez (a calm and intriguing puzzler).

Austin Wintory composed the soundtrack to Journey (the best “evocative” game I have played). Here he writes on why he is an artist:

Beyond the joy itself, beyond the endlessly stimulating growth through collaboration, the real reason I compose music is the hope of connecting with someone.

Don’t forget to ask questions.


, , , on March 28, 2012

Fez is currently the only reason to own an Xbox 360. Comes out April 13th!

Mass Effect 3

, , on March 17, 2012

Unfortunately, Mass Effect 3 is not too great. The major draw of the series, its Universe, has slowly been shriveling game after game, becoming more simplistic, tedious, and rigid over time. Even so, there are some awesome moments in the trilogy finale ranging from the badass to the hilarious, but overall the Universe has taken a backseat to greed and deadlines. The actual third person shooter gameplay that binds this cinematic experience together is as repetitive as ever. The ending is an incongruous, incomplete mess. On the plus side, the memes are thriving.

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