Personalized social web from email metadata

, on July 8, 2013

Immersion uses the From, To, Cc and Timestamp fields of your emails (prism “metadata”) to generate a personalized social web.

River Fractals

American river map via kottke.

Wind Map

on March 28, 2012

Wind Map is like watching wood breath.
Most of the time visualizations are far more pretty than meaningful, but seem to have struck a balance between informatics, design, and fluency.
Here is a global take on a similar idea.


on December 30, 2011

If this, then that. Use simple conditional statements to automate internet-related tasks. Quite a cool idea, but I like to keep my online self sparse and localized; imagine having to maintain all that crap?
For some other useful webtools:
[via Lifehacker]

Classic Art Anew

, on December 29, 2011

Some more artwork stuff! Metafilter had another intriguing post, this time about a contest run by Booooooom (terrific name!) to remake classic works of art through creative use of photography. My other favorite is this Pot Pourri.
The submissions are fun, also fun are all the paintings, which led me to WikiPaintings, a site that does a great job organizing its subject matter along with high resolution images.

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