The Sound of Sorting

, on November 5, 2013

The sound of sorting is a program that visualizes and audiolizes various sorting algorithms. It is a ton of fun, from hearing crazy pacman noises to trying to figure out how the different sorting mechanisms work to seeing which algorithms are best for different data sets.
Bonus Hungarian quicksort folk dance.
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More Than Games

, , , on April 15, 2012

Taylor Clark profiles Jonathon Blow and the state of videogames only a little hyperbolically. The Witness is apparently about existential awareness of ourselves and the world around us— using Blow’s mind and reality as the medium.
Michael Abrash on working at Valve. Also, Handbook for New Employees.
Disasterpeace composed the soundtrack to Fez (a calm and intriguing puzzler).
Austin Wintory composed the soundtrack to Journey (the best “evocative” game I have played). Here he writes on why he is an artist:

Beyond the joy itself, beyond the endlessly stimulating growth through collaboration, the real reason I compose music is the hope of connecting with someone.

Don’t forget to ask questions.

Jeremy Young

, on March 28, 2012

Jeremy Young’s got style.

Crossing the Beams

, on February 3, 2012

Many low intensity gamma radiation beams converge on a single point in three dimensional space to ablate brain tissue, meanwhile a protective helmet affixed to the skull prevents midsurgical jitters.
Goodbye Cancer, Hello Science.
[Radiosurgery, background music]

Fundamentals Of Small Arms Weapons

on January 10, 2012

Part 1 features the logical progression of engineering mechanisms developed to accomplish The Cycle of Operation:

  1. chambering
  2. locking
  3. firing
  4. unlocking
  5. extraction
  6. ejection
  7. cocking
  8. feeding

Part 2 and Part 3 build upon this basic model, ending with a fully functional firearm.
If you liked these videos, check out this other one about differential steering.
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