Alice: Madness Returns – Images

, , , on September 13, 2011

I finally finished playing the game and these are some of the stills I captured. They contain spoilers and are unfortunately out of order.
If the images look at all interesting to you, I highly recommend viewing them at their native resolution because the Picasa previews are of rather low and blurry quality.

Alice: Madness Returns – Teaser 3

, on February 16, 2011

I don’t know if the game will be able to live up to these trailers, as we haven’t seen any gameplay yet, but woo.
Youtube made it so that you can no longer change the quality of an embedded video. What the heck?

Torrent Butler

, , on February 9, 2011

Wow. I’m sure anyone can download movie torrents the old fashioned way if they really believe in themself, but Torrent Butler is beautiful.
I was going to have a picture of their main page, but clicking movies just to see the huge background image is fun (and this one perfectly removes Mr Depp).
[via TorrentFreak]

Alice: Madness Returns — Teaser 2

, , on September 15, 2010

I played the first one a bit ago. It came out in 2000 and the graphics and story were all fine. The gameplay was pretty repetitive, though. I like their dark take on Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and am looking forward to playing the sequel/continuation.
YouTube – Alice: Madness Returns — Teaser 2.

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