Goodbye Cassini

on September 15, 2017

Space Station Flythrough

on November 28, 2016

Beautiful and in high resolution.

Solar Time

, , on October 6, 2015

Solar time uses the position of the sun in the sky to mark and coordinate events. Time is complicated (my definition is in the preceding sentence). Light cones are a new breakfast cereal. Can you name the controversial seven fundamental base units?
This neat figure shows the difference between solar time and standard time. When I’m in charge of time keeping some day I assure you a sundial and length of daylight will be involved.

Haidinger's brush

, , on July 20, 2015

Haidinger’s brush – learn a new skill – like juggling
Cassini Images – if you’re in quick need of some minimalistic planetary beauty
List of megaprojects – this is what we have accomplished
Himawari-8 – Japanese weather satellite that photographs the earth every 10 minutes
INT – intelligence gathering

Space Wonder

, , , , on March 22, 2015

Roger Dean creates wonderful science fiction scenery.
Recently read Against the Fall of Night by Arthur C Clarke, which is bursting with interesting ideas. Some more for thought:
Outer Space – I bet you can figure out with decent certainty your location across the entire universe just from sampling the nearest bit of space.
Heliosphere – Similar to the above; every drop of space from many AUs away to the nearest lake has a unique composition.
Deep Space Network – at the very least a catchy name
Voyager 1’s Family Portrait
New Horizons – Almost to Pluto!
Thermoelectric Effect – not directly related, but super cool

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