Crystal Microscopy

on October 15, 2020

Amazing crystal microscopy by Justin Zoll.

[via small world competition]

Decorator Crab

, , on April 24, 2020

Decorator crabs are really cool.

Bonus: Drive & Listen (drive around cities while listening to their local radio)

Far away

, , on April 22, 2018

Life has been different. Reading and experiencing plenty but would rather save timeless things. Interesting how over time the sources of valuable information change, and we are only as good as those sources. Takes a lot of work to find the new ones.
Halo Online – halo is such an amazing staple that it deserves to have a forever playable, open sourced, always being built upon, compilation of all halos, with a community that lives indefinitely

Brown Sugar

, on August 26, 2016

Micrograph by Linden Gledhill.

"My New Animation"

, on August 1, 2015

Added to video page.

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