, on December 5, 2010

LANDCARPET by Florian Pucher.

[via COLOURlovers]

Vying for last place

, , on October 9, 2010

That new MySpace logo? I mean I know I have very little room to talk but holy shit.

hey @gaplogo. F___ Y__

Update Gap has decided to revert back to their old logo.

The Geometry of Pasta

, on October 4, 2010

The Geometry of Pasta shapes grid provides stylized visual information about a variety of pastas along with several recipes. The whole website is the online presence of a cookbook. The images aren’t too helpful, but at least you can pretend to speak Italian after learning a few of the pasta names.

How Ink Is Made

, on October 1, 2010

Color is one of my favorite things. Transforming natural pigments to create art and beauty is a very human activity. Did this make anyone else hungry?
YouTube – How Ink Is Made.

Textile Exposé

on September 22, 2010

The difference in the logos is startling in a good way; the old one is so bad! The redesign focused on making the new identity look like it was made of fabric (Hemtex is a textile store in the Norway, Denmark, Sweden area). Check out the link below for a bit of analysis and a few more pictures.
Textile Exposé – Brand New.

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