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Demoscene is a grammatically awkward name describing a genre of programmed art. Demoscene usually showcases the technical prowess of the artist, particularly with constraints on software size (the above program is 4kb!) or hardware capability (every old computing device you can think of).
Pouet has a good selection of demoscene and Annikras records videos of popular submissions.
This is similar, but runs in a browser and does not involve music.
[via 3Delement]

Proun Released

, , on June 23, 2011

Proun is now available for download. You can read the historical documentation posted by the developer while you wait.
The game is very different, as you can see, and this is very exciting. The visuals are smile-inducing and I hope there will be many custom tracks to play. The wonderful level design presents an unexpected challenge: vying for the player’s attention and resulting in a cringe inducing whack into a wall. The gameplay has several nuances that create depth, which along with the leaderboards and ghosts, provide plenty of incentive to replay the tracks. The music is rather unexciting, but it is easy enough to substitute your own within the installation directory. I’m currently stuck on the supersonic championship.

I’ve decided to post videogame screencaps on flickr, head there for some more images of Proun, among other things.

Bitcoin Mining Guide

on May 19, 2011

  1. Install the client
    1. Save your Bitcoin address
  2. Download the GUI miner
  3. Update your graphics card driver
  4. If using an ATI card, install the APP SDK runtime
  5. Choose a mining pool (deepbit is the most popular)
    1. Make an account
    2. Enter your Bitcoin address/wallet details
    3. Select the proper server in the GUI miner and follow the pool’s authentication steps

Mining profits calculator
Mining hardware comparison
Economic information
Trading opportunities
Why Bitcoin will fail
What is Bitcoin – a video

Activate the Three Artefacts and then Leave

, , , on November 17, 2010

Activate the Three Artefacts and then Leave | increpare games
How long can you play this before going insane? The game is essentially a 3D labyrinth.
I managed to find all three artefacts but I couldn’t get out after some time, and stopped. The game is a bit wonky in that sometimes it is hard to extract the zip, sometimes it is hard to get running, and sometimes the graphical settings need to be changed to get it to work properly. Nonetheless, I enjoyed it.

Bing Rewards

, on September 23, 2010

I’m totally a sucker for this kind of thing, but it is so easy to get free stuff, and Microsoft seems to really like these kind of promotions. I remember very efficiently taking advantage of the great offers of Club Live three years ago to get tons of points and subsequent free stuff. Bing Cashback was neat and probably saved me a couple hundred dollars. Now Bing Rewards. There is quite a variety of rewards (you can’t seem them all until you sign up) but the best valued one is the 100 Microsoft Points for 100 credits (surprise!). Redeeming only those, I make about 20 cents a day, not counting the other current offers which I don’t know how often are updated.
The Bing Bar itself is not horrible. I’m sure more mainstream internet users would enjoy it.

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