Google Correlate

, on May 25, 2011

Google Correlate is a new Google Labs product. You can view strong correlations to a given query over time or by state. More usefully, you can input your own data set (like a drawn curve) to compare against.

3 Dreams of Black

, on May 13, 2011

Google released an “interactive film” that makes use of HTML5, specifically WebGL. [After you watch the film,] Make sure you look at the technology that went into making it, including some interactive demos. You can also use their 3D editor to create structures that appear in the film. Very cool ideas with a colorful, low polygon visual style.
The screencap is from the cel shader demo, possibly the best screensaver ever.

Chrome Sweatbands

, , , on April 16, 2011

From Chrome’s 2011 April Fools joke, they just arrived in the mail today.

Chaotic Maps

, , , on January 31, 2011

For a closer look of the above, check out the SEM (and reddened?) version.
Delving into more things that I don’t understand but think are awesome: chaotic maps (the higher the dimension, the better!).
But of course that leads to fractals and chaos theory, which are even more awesome.
And a new Google Lab for exploring fractals that is sure to crash your browser.
But the real purpose of this post is to say that I dislike broccoli and cauliflower– they smell bad and are too voluminous vegetables.


, , , , on December 18, 2010

Google Ngram Viewer shows that “fuck” used to be a lot more common in books during the 1700s and has only recently started to make a comeback. The reason for this is that there used to be common usage of the long s (ſ) in place of a normal s at the start or middle of words. One result of this is “suck” appearing to be “fuck” to Google’s character recognition software.
As a reddit commenter posts, this can be seen even more clearly when viewing suck, fuck, suckle, and fuckle plotted together. Notice that fuck takes the place of suck and fuckle the place of suckle, despite fuckle not even being a word.
[via reddit]

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