Google Body Browser

, , , on December 15, 2010

Google Body Browser. Pretty much only works in dev+ versions of Chrome. Missing some systems, but still cool. Try searching for something. This would be a perfect application for use with a natural user interface.
[via Google Operating System]

Google Suggest Venn Diagrams

, on October 26, 2010

Google Suggest Venn Diagram Generator. Good examples here.
[via Google Operating System]


on September 11, 2010

People are having a dandy time instantizing search bars all over the internets in the hopes of acquiring jobs (protip- you have your best bet with bigs companies, like Google):
Youtube Instant (CEO of youtube)

Something about that exchange is nauseating, maybe it’s all the emoticons.

Google Maps Instant
This guy has had no such job luck yet, although his tool seems a lot more useful than its youtube counterpart.

Edit I guess British spelling wins out:

Google Instant

on September 8, 2010
Blah blah blah, give Google more coverage for doing nothing. Wait, crap, I’m doing that too…
I really like Google, and I understand their need to cautiously, fanfare-sly (cool sounding word) introduce small changes because they serve a billion searches a week, but [the new image search stinks].
Of course this not-having-to-press-enter search idea has been around for a while, and it is alright. What is not alright is the stuff Google added onto it, such as constant refreshing of results (for a variety of reasons) and autocompletion. The implications are mind boggling! You will see more search results and more ads (if you don’t already block them). SEO will target the letters s, t, w, h, and a. My blog is already winning.

Google’s Particles Doodle

on September 7, 2010

Lots of hubub over the logo change and what it may mean- it’s Google’s 12th birthday!
Edit Hmm…
Google Operating System
via Google’s Particles Doodle.

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