Abbreviated timeline

, on November 24, 2015

Firmament – The past
Confederate States of America – The past
Information Age – The present, also a running history of humanity
Gene drive – The future

How a Mechanical Watch Works

, , on January 27, 2013

Time is such an amazing, reflective concept.
History of timekeeping devices.
History of navigation.
History of longitude.


, , on October 1, 2012

Thanks to another Vi Hart video, this time I’ve learned all about flexagons. They are very fun to make; kind of like a cross between a Möbius strip and an origami fortune teller.

He lived happily ever after

, on August 15, 2012

Don’t forget about what happened to the man who suddenly got everything he ever wanted.
Voltaire is my new role model, in a very jealous and admirable sort of way.

The Vice Presidents That History Forgot

, on July 16, 2012

This road to vice-presidential respectability has, of course, hit bumps. Lyndon Johnson feuded with the Kennedys and their aides, who called him “Uncle Cornpone.” Agnew took kickbacks in his White House office. Nelson Rockefeller, given little but ceremonial duties by President Ford, said of his job: “I go to funerals. I go to earthquakes.” Dick Cheney shot a friend in the face.

The Vice Presidents That History Forgot by Tony Horwitz for Smithsonian.

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