Caterpillars and Escalators

, , , on July 29, 2013

Swarming caterpillars are fast!

River Fractals

, on July 8, 2013

American river map via kottke.


, , on October 1, 2012

Thanks to another Vi Hart video, this time I’ve learned all about flexagons. They are very fun to make; kind of like a cross between a Möbius strip and an origami fortune teller.

Connecting Dots

, on August 21, 2012

Heavy handed and brilliant, by Vi Hart.

Newroz: A Simple Symmetric 11-Venn Diagram

, on August 13, 2012

Article link.
Not really related yet still interesting; someone from slashdot mentions Chernoff faces.
[via Cartesian Product]

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