What is a Fourier Transform?

, , on October 27, 2011

A mathematical method of converting a set of data (represented as any function) to the sum of its wave components.
Basically, this is a result of the idea that a function can be exactly recreated using only combinations of sin and cosin functions of various amplitude, phase, and frequency. The trick is that most transforms require a lot of computing to tease out every wave component.

Fractal Lab

, on March 8, 2011

Fractal Lab uses JavaScript and WebGL to render customizable, two and three dimensional fractals that you can fly around. Watch the above video for an introduction or visit the website and start exploring.

  • Shift to sprint, Alt to slow down
  • The “constants” require recompiling, other parameters update in realtime
  • According to the video, it takes windows users about twenty times as long as osx users to recompile, so heads up
  • Uncheck “preview mode” to disable upscaling
  • The site also allows for altering the fractal shader code, saving fractals, and loading them

[via DownloadSquad]
The gentleman who made Fractal Lab has a very cool website exploring 3D fractals. Here is a mesmerizing video of the evolving surface structure of such a fractal.

Chaotic Maps

, , , on January 31, 2011

For a closer look of the above, check out the SEM (and reddened?) version.
Delving into more things that I don’t understand but think are awesome: chaotic maps (the higher the dimension, the better!).
But of course that leads to fractals and chaos theory, which are even more awesome.
And a new Google Lab for exploring fractals that is sure to crash your browser.
But the real purpose of this post is to say that I dislike broccoli and cauliflower– they smell bad and are too voluminous vegetables.

Vi Hart, Recreation Mathematician

on January 19, 2011

The NYT article provides an overview with a bunch of links. Her website is here. There is a lot of interesting stuff.
[via the Evil Mad Linkblog]
Update – I totally used improper grammar as a means of SEO.

Picking up the pieces

, on November 15, 2010

380 – Picking up the pieces | Luke Surl Comics
I totally wasn’t going to give away the punchline (then I contemplated whether or not I should tell you that, etc.), but I’ll be damned if I feature the stuff above it instead. Don’t worry, it is still good; at the very least read about how complex math is really simple trickery.
Mathematics Explanation tl;dr – density

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