on June 10, 2011

My 1฿ bitbill just arrived in the mail!

Chrome Sweatbands

, , , on April 16, 2011

From Chrome’s 2011 April Fools joke, they just arrived in the mail today.

New Features

on March 22, 2011

As I slowly learn how css/html/javascript works, I’ve added in the much requested feature to hide/show the pages, categories, and tags lists by clicking their headings (although your settings aren’t saved). I’ve also added in that “twitter” heading, which you can click to see my embedded feed, mostly composed of links that I didn’t want to make into full posts.
Life is so very complicated.

New Strategy

on March 1, 2011

New strategy:

  1. Use twitter (see left) to straight up link things because it is easier and not everything requires step 2 (although twitter does a particularly poor job giving readers an idea of where they are headed before they click a link, which is a major shortcoming of the internet in general, hint hint)
  2. Use blog only for original content of at least a couple useful sentences, with or without something linked
  3. Try and integrate my twitter stream into the blog without being ugly/slow
  4. Not necessarily in that order
  5. I’m pretty positive I meant to press the bulleted button

Let’s see how many proper posts are forthcoming!
Update I think I have a different idea to make posting short things easy, whether or not that clutters things is a different story.


, , , on February 21, 2011

I save images that make good wallpapers, look cool, or are in danger of disappearing. Most are old, so you can see how screen resolution has changed in the past several years. Check them out by visiting the link on the left under “pages” or by clicking here.
The Dropbox gallery feature is easy to set up and its viewer is nice, but you can’t add captions. I didn’t credit the image authors in the filenames– for finding their origin I recommend TinEye.
Non-endangered images that may or may not be wallpaperable can be seen in my flickr favorites.

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