Working List

Child of Light is an upcoming game, soundtrack
Telescopic Text – Looking for a browser/browser addon to this effect some day
Article on record-setting caving
Vemeer as artificer
Parallax view – imagine being able to take and then view 3D images like this by tilting your phone around. A commenter from hackernews points out that instead of guessing the parallax and faking the extra data required when converting flat images to 3D, this additional information can come from the slightly varied perspectives generated by your hand shaking as you take the photo.
Half-Life speed run
How do CAT scans work? – The slices are different than you’d think
Foldscope (1) (2) – Very cool
Rent Splitter
April 27th tornado path

The Ruck

, on July 14, 2013

Coming up with the exact number, down to the hundredth decimal point, illustrating the “work units” for a given procedure is an admittedly thankless task. The image of the committee that emerges is less a gathering of angels, cloaked by some Rawlsian Veil of Ignorance, and more akin to a health care-themed Game of Thrones. Several RUC members I spoke to mentioned that the chairwoman often reminds the committee to “Put your RUC hat on.”

The Specialty Society Relative Value Scale Update Committee by Haley Sweetland Edwards.

How Doctors Die – End of Life Care

, on December 5, 2011

Article by Ken Murray.
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Playing Doctor

, on November 16, 2011

Playing Doctor is an article from Slate by Emily Yoffe about her experience being a standardized patient, actors who are given a hypothetical medical history and are trained to act accordingly as patients so that medical students can practice their clinical skills.
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Anonymous Doc

, on August 9, 2011

Anonymous Doc. Overheard by a doctor (resident) type stuff with a sprinkling of opinion pieces and other anecdotes. Quite scary.

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