Minecart Interstate V3.0

on October 11, 2010

So much creativity going on involving Minecraft. An infinite on rails journey through a customizable, rendered world be a great screen saver. The video is relaxing and mesmerizing. I wish the track passed through less tunnels.

Minecraft Madness: scale Enterprise and 16-bit ALU

, , on September 28, 2010

More Minecraft stuff that makes a burning house look lame in comparison (no- it wasn’t already lame!). I really have no interest in the game, but the things people make are neat. Sort of weird though; why don’t the people making this stuff do it in real life? It probably has something to do with human psychology and virtual reality and just the right balance of tools and limitations. Nothing against them, I’m sure they are very bright people, but a computer and a model of a fictional spacecraft would both be great things to have on my desk.
The Minecraft computer video indirectly introduced me to two books which seem highly recommended if you like computer science (me, not so much):
Destructoid via Minecraft madness: 1:1 scale Enterprise-D and 16-bit ALU.

Minecraft FIREE WTFFFFFFF!!!!!

, on September 20, 2010

This is a sandbox game called Minecraft in which you primarily roam around, gather materials, and build structures. This video is funny because it takes quite a long time to create such a fine abode, and only a few seconds to burn it down.
In the current alpha version of the game, you need to defend against enemies that attack every night. I don’t find it very enjoyable, but it is somewhat of a fad and is immensely popular (for an indie game), with over 700,000 users. You can read more at the wikipedia page.
Right now if you visit the website you can play the game for free because the server crashed and currently a bunch of features have been disabled, such as authentication, until it is fixed.
YouTube – Minecraft FIREE WTFFFFFFF!!!!!

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