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, , , on June 25, 2014

guy rose marguerite
Artisan Videos – Very impressive
The Paper Airplane Guy
Hubble: Timelapse of V838 Monocerotis
The Man Who Saves You from Yourself – about cults
Star Wars (Guardians of the Galaxy Style!)
Masters of Love
Living without air conditioning
Digital Sundial
Painting is by Guy Rose [via here]

Celebrity Pokemon Evolutions

, on February 21, 2012

A meme that combines at least three things that I hold dear to my heart.

Star Wars Uncut

, on January 23, 2012

“Star Wars: A New Hope” has been remade into a fan film, 15 seconds at a time.
It is ridiculous and fantastic.
[via Slashdot]

Touch of Evil

on December 7, 2011

The New York Times is running a gallery of vignettes featuring modern actors playing infamous film villains. Kind of weird. I like Rooney Mara.
[via First Showing]

The Matrix 101

, on October 18, 2011

The Matrix 101 is a website devoted to analyzing the canon of the Matrix universe, particularly the trilogy of films. I recommend starting with the “Meaning” pages for each movie, and if you like those check out the user contributed essays.
Another fantastic website is Matrix Resolutions.

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