I ♥ Huckabees

, , on August 2, 2011

I Heart Huckabees is a unique movie that features comedy with a philosophic backdrop. The protagonist hires a pair of existential detectives to help resolve a series of coincidences, but they end up uncovering more than he bargained for. Along the journey he encounters several characters who represent a variety of philosophical viewpoints.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 NYC Premiere

, , , on July 13, 2011

My brother won a contest on Facebook to bring himself and a guest to the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 NYC Premiere in Lincoln Center on July 11th. He was nice enough to bring me. We hung out right next to the red carpet and then saw the movie at the AMC theaters up the block.
Read on for details and some point and shoot, spot the celebrity photos.


on June 28, 2011

Brave will be released in 2012 by Pixar. Its visuals look to be a huge step up in animation and hopefully its unique story matches them. I’m looking forward to seeing some officially released renders and of course the movie. View the teaser trailer here.

An Existential Look at Groundhog Day

, on June 17, 2011

Groundhog Day is a multifaceted movie that can be interpreted within a variety of beliefs. The Meritocracy Party analyzes the movie in terms of Nietzsche and Camus. If you can find/have other interpretations of the movie, I would be happy to read them.
[via reddit]

Torrent Butler

, , on February 9, 2011

Wow. I’m sure anyone can download movie torrents the old fashioned way if they really believe in themself, but Torrent Butler is beautiful.
I was going to have a picture of their main page, but clicking movies just to see the huge background image is fun (and this one perfectly removes Mr Depp).
[via TorrentFreak]

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