, , on July 26, 2012

Woodcuts by by Bryan Nash Gill. Also available in book form.

Crop Circles in the Desert

, , , on May 12, 2012

The 21 year progression of agricultural expansion in the Wadi As-Sirhan Basin, Saudi Arabia.
Looks almost like a disease.


, on October 11, 2011

I really like Autumn.
The above html5 video loop is from today’s bing homepage, specifically the bing image archive which collects the daily image in one spot.
In Focus has some pretty pictures of Fall.

The Mountain

on April 17, 2011

The Mountain by Terje Sorgjerd with music by Ludovico Einaudi (Nuvole bianche).


, on January 2, 2011

I’ve posted a few of AARoads’ photographs, many of which are really great, and they allow downloading of the big originals, doubly great. Their main website is here; apparently they were some of the first to do Google street view-type work for highways. They also maintain the largest photo collection of route shields.
DSC_101327A by Jake – AARoads.

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