Maple Syrup Discovery

, , on January 21, 2014

This is a remarkable finding about maple syrup production. Instead of having to tap fully grown forests of sugar maples to acquire sap, botanists discovered you can chop the top off a sapling, tap directly into the trunk, and extract sap using a vacuum. Now instead of dealing with sprawling forests to make syrup, these saplings can be planted in dense plantations. The discovery was prompted by a simple question: is sap generated from the top of the tree or the bottom. I was going to headline with the photo of their new sap extraction mechanism, but it is too sad. I’ll take a maple syrup themed picture at some point. Also looking for their actual paper.

Caterpillars and Escalators

, , , on July 29, 2013

Swarming caterpillars are fast!


on August 16, 2012

Will biologic overtake synthetic? The digital era may soon end. Maybe we were wrong to be so fearful of purely metallic overlords.
As an aside, there really isn’t a good vocabulary to compare the two. Biology will become synthesized, and both forms of information storage are technically digital. I suggest biologists and computer scientists start learning each other’s lexicon.

Don Pettit

, on June 26, 2012

Don Pettit is an astronaut who does cool stuff during his free time while in space, like writingexperimenting, introducing video games, and taking photographs. His wikipedia page has more useful information and links to check out if interested.
Bonus photo after the break.

Bel in druppel

Bel in druppel by André Kuipers.
Bonus: how to recreate this image using tools you can find at home.
Okay, new post about Don Pettit.

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