Dear Esther

, , , , on March 10, 2012

Dear Esther is a short game in which the player walks around an island and experiences a story. As far the prior description goes, the island is beautiful, the atmosphere is thick with emotiveĀ music and sound effects, and the level design is polished to the degree of ocean glass. The narrative is unimpressive.
I took a bunch of screenshots, several of which are contained after the break.


, , , on September 19, 2011

THAT is an art mod for the source engine. It is has beautiful colors and level design and Philip Glass music. Kind of the epitome of the Indie FPS, and my current favorite of the lot.
[via RPS]

Nightmare House 2

, , on September 5, 2010

Nightmare House 2 is a very scary mod for Half Life 2: Episode 2.

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