Reddit Timeline

, on April 1, 2012

Reddit Timeline has rocketed past lame April Fool quip to the starry expanse of timeless meta joke— nay, it travels on as the internet’s Golden Record.
Some seconds:

3 Dreams of Black

, on May 13, 2011

Google released an “interactive film” that makes use of HTML5, specifically WebGL. [After you watch the film,] Make sure you look at the technology that went into making it, including some interactive demos. You can also use their 3D editor to create structures that appear in the film. Very cool ideas with a colorful, low polygon visual style.
The screencap is from the cel shader demo, possibly the best screensaver ever.

Chrome Sweatbands

, , , on April 16, 2011

From Chrome’s 2011 April Fools joke, they just arrived in the mail today.

Download Squad Shutting Down

on April 12, 2011

What the hell?
This website kicks ass.
It is one of my favorites to read (out of 500 blogs) and consistently provides unique features and articles about software and websites that no other blog covers. They don’t post a huge volume of bullshit like Lifehacker or endless tripe about phones like major tech blogs. Of their 82.6 posts per week, I read in full at least 50% and learn something new at least 50% of the time.
There is no substitute blog or blogs for Download Squad.
I am upset. I hope the writers start up a new blog in the same vein.

Listening Room

, on January 22, 2011

You make a room, anyone in the room uploads a song, everyone in the room hears it, and you can chat. Basically a music playlist chat room. No registration required; it is as simple as making a room name. It even includes album art, the animated record behaves as a real record, and it is monetized.
Check out the mefi room for starters. Hopefully this great website survives another four weeks.
[via MetaFilter]

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