We'll be back shortly.

, on January 18, 2011

We’ll be back shortly is making fun of Tumblr’s recent 24 hour downtime. Much better than a “cute little mascot for failure”, if you ask me.
[via Techcrunch]

Is Google Making Us Stupid?

, , on November 4, 2010

Is Google Making Us Stupid? appeared in The Atlantic Magazine July of 2008. It has a lot of interesting ideas, particularly near the end. It is very apparent that we are moving towards redefining what it means to think (and what/who does the thinking). Whether that is good or bad is secondary to whether or not we have control over it.
The title and various snippets are sensationalistic, but the central theme is a good one. The author, Nicholas Carr, expanded upon the article in a book published earlier this year, The Shallows: What the Internet Is Doing to Our Brains.


, , on October 12, 2010

This website is one of many experimental art things that Rafael Rozendaal came up with and Reinier Feijen coded (according to a right click). Click the icons on the top bar of the first linked website, or go here to see the rest of their work. Each piece is sort of a short, interactive combination of color and sound. If you have epilepsy, beware.

2012 update with newer favorites:

Vying for last place

, , on October 9, 2010

That new MySpace logo? I mean I know I have very little room to talk but holy shit.

hey @gaplogo. F___ Y__

Update Gap has decided to revert back to their old logo.

Facebook Groups Is Sort Of Like Google Wave For Human Beings

, on October 8, 2010

day the earth stood still

The article is alright. I’m mainly posting because I found the title and image funny, and it made me feel special.
Facebook Groups Is Sort Of Like Google Wave For Human Beings

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